About us






We are a growing transport company which has been on the market since 2015. We currently have 4 trucks at our disposal (2x Mercedes Benz tractor + curtain sider trailer of 13.6m, 2x Mercedes Benz lowdeck + curtain sider trailer) and we have been negotiating about further vehicles to make our services more intensive and more effective. At present, we provide transport to Italy, Hungary, Austria and Germany. However, we can certainly arrange transport to anywhere in Europe, or an urgent delivery with the assistance of two experienced drivers. In addition to our own vehicles, we also have our own freight forwarding department, which enables us to provide transport of goods to other countries too.


We lay great emphasis on honest work on roads alongside with human decency and willingness to help, as we believe that these values ​​are timeless and can maintain fair relationships in both business and everyday life. We would very much like to offer our services directly in order to make the potential cooperation as beneficial, proper and effective as possible for both sides.